Fore Fathers came to be when a group of childhood friends felt conflicted about their fashion identity after becoming young Dads. On the one hand they still felt active and fashionable (they played sports and they wore Jordans) but on the other hand they were Dads now and didn’t feel their clothes were representative of their love of being a Dad. So, they set off on a mission to elevate Dad apparel.


Fore Fathers set off to make Dad apparel that is above and beyond so that it can keep up with Dads that go above and beyond. Since a performance shirt that represented Dads didn't exist, our team of Dad designers went and created some from scratch. We took our favorite Dadisms and put them on top-of-the-line performance materials to fit a Dad lifestyle (and to fit a Dad Bod).


Fore Fathers is more than just a product. We are a community that celebrates the DO-IT-ALL-Dad. A DO-IT-ALL-Dad is really an unattainable thing but it's something at Fore Fathers we strive for because (like many things in life) it's more about the journey than the destination. That said, this community is here to help, here to celebrate this job...and here for You! Fore Fathers! .