The Do-It-All TAG

The Do-It-All TAG
Most Dads don’t pay attention to clothing hang tags (the little dangly paper you immediately rip off clothes and throw away) – mostly because Dads don’t care what a piece of clothing is made of, where it’s made, or that it’s recommended to be tumble dried on low heat. But Fore Fathers Polos are not like MOST shirts.

We’re here to tell you that our hang tag is important: not because it’ll tell you something you don’t already know (that Fore Fathers shirts are breathable, moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, 92% Polyester/8% Spandex etc.) but because it delivers a very special message that reminds us why we are different. That Message?

Well, Fore Fathers shirts are made “By Dads. For Dads”. So, please remember, as you lay your eyes on these beautifully glossed and rounded stock hang tags, to let the message soak in that we (Fore Fathers) are bunch of Dads whose mission is to celebrate YOU, Do-It-All Dad!!!!.....After you’ve let that soak in THEN you can toss the hang tag in the trash!
That said, these beautifully crafted hang tags are being finalized this week! Next week we’ll be looking to wrap up the packaging process – stay tuned for that update then!!!
ALSO, if you haven’t noticed we’ve made some changes to the website. Most notably, we have updated our product pictures. Say “goodbye” to the hairless, non-dadbod, model – and say “hello” to some real-life, suck in that gut, Do-It-All, Dad models! Take a peak and let us know what you think!!!!

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