Dad Diary #2: Kids Are Expensive

Dad Diary #2: Kids Are Expensive

The biggest questions you'll ask yourself before becoming a Dad is…"What do I really need?"

The first thing you'll need to do is -- don't allow your wife to buy "everything" beforehand. She'll be listening to her girlfriends; who are ultimately telling her to "buy this"…"buy that"…"my kid loves this"…blah blah blah. The quicker you shut that down…the happier you'll be in the long term -- trust me!...this is a Pro-Tip :)

That said, I did fall victim to listening to my wife and buying everything she said. I got caught up in thinking "If I buy everything my kid needs -- then obviously I'm a good dad--right?"…
WRONG---as your bank account depletes…you're home will fill up with 90% of S*** you don't need. Not to mention all the hours you'll spend putting together the bouncy chairs, the swings and the mobile seats.

LISTEN, babies are pretty simple -- they wake up, eat, poop, nap, eat, poop…and repeat this process for about 6 months…DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I DID!!!

Looking back, my wife and I spent A LOT on just toys; this doesn’t include the car seats, the strollers, changing tables or clothes (the stuff you'll actually need). Reality is…no matter the toy or stuff animal -- you're kid will like it for a week and then get bored. Honestly, I give my daughter and empty water bottle and she's busy for 3 hours -- don't overthink the toys.

My advice, stock up on:

  • Diapers and diaper cream
  • Velcro swaddles (nurses make it look easy in the hospital swaddling with blankets)
  • A good bath seat and toys
  • Oversized clothes (they grow super fast)

The biggest tip we've learned --- is always purchase items that are versatile, adaptable, that packs up easy and is cost effective. No reason to buy the most expensive -- save that money for yard tools :)

Here are my TOP 3 Pro-Tips:

  • Chicco Bravo Quick - Fold Stroller ($250)
  • Car seat + Removable Seat + Smart Fold
  • SNOO "smart sleeper" 
  • HALO Swaddles ($25 & Above)
  • Long lasting fabric + kids cant escape



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