Dad Diary #5 Hard to stay calm…while you're Ears are bleeding

Dad Diary #5 Hard to stay calm…while you're Ears are bleeding
There's a "Colic Baby"…and then…there's "My Baby". The B.E.A.S.T.
Traditionally, a colic baby cries more than 3 hours a day, 3 times a week…My girl gave us 30-45 minutes of NO CRYING a Day. It was tough…tough on us as new parents…tough on our marriage…tough on us individually. We felt guilty--"Maybe we're bad parents?" A question I'm sure many parents ask themselves.
We follow a strict routine -- 99.9999% of my daughters day is planned and timed. We don't allow a ton of wiggle room when it comes to feeds, naps, bath and sleep times. Some parents follow a routine; while others "Play it By Ear".
I must have spent over 100 hours watching YouTube videos…read over 5,000 blogs -- all in effort to find the "silver bullet". But, in reality this is what I found:
  • 99% of educators are women/moms
  • People say 90% of the same thing…with 10% "their Pro-Tip"
  • 0% gave me my silver bullet
Kids are just tough…and being a Good parent takes time, patience and a ton of Whiskey :)
During those hours scouring the internet, I stumbled upon FatherCraft. Founded in 2016, FatherCraft provides resources and tools for the modern father, including product reviews, parenting tips and real life experiences. They want to empower the lives of Fathers who want to become more and through them, enrich the lives of their children.
I follow them for all the latest and greats tips & tricks for parenting my daughter. Honestly, hearing it from a "Fathers perspective" has helped me learn better. Women are from Venus…and Men are from Mars - we just speak different languages!!!
Through all the screaming and crying -- my daughter teaches me tolerance…and reminds me that everyone goes through life differently. She's definitely damaged my hearing for life -- but that fine…because all I need are my eyes to see those chubby cheeks!
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