Diary #8 - Date Night is a real Thing

Diary #8 - Date Night is a real Thing

Date Night is a real thing…and the older you get -- the more you'll appreciate it.

When I started dating…I'd washed my parents cars for $20 bucks and took a girl to the movies...or…maybe to Putt Putt. Not bad moves for a 8th grader :)

Sometimes I reflect on how simpler life was growing up -- and how much further $20 bucks went back in the day. Now, as parents -- you're juggling so much…Your Kid (s)…Your significant other…your job…your friends…and if you're lucky -- maybe you carve out a few minutes for yourself.

But, to have a successful relationship -- you must plan time to connect with each other; alone from all the chaos in your lives. Date Night is a No-brainer for those eager to keep the flame alive.

When Our kids are older and look back on their childhood -- I want them to remember Mom & Dad made each other a priority…which positioned our Family to flourish.

Of course, Date Nights have gotten more expensive since the 8th grade -- but, they've become more necessary to have. Just leaving the house will cost - $80 for a babysitter…Then your Dinner bills start to resemble small mortgages; with all the food & booze you'll order…but, who cares -- celebrate being a parent…celebrate being a couple…Date Night are "few and far between."

Without breaks or time away -- you could easily get overwhelmed...which could result into a unhealthy marriage; creating a  bad environment for children.  SO F*** IT…order the caviar, tell the waiter to bring a bottle of Veuve and no matter what--- DON'T TALK ABOUT YOUR KIDS…Enjoy your time…and make Date Night a priority in your marriage moving forward.


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