Dad Diary #9 - The Game within The G.A.M.E.

Dad Diary #9 - The Game within The G.A.M.E.

You know the saying -- "The Game within the Game"?  If not, allow me to explain…

Parenting is the overall "Game"…played between two parents vs the Kids.  The Game {within the Game} -- is called "How do I escape and leave my spouse with the kids"…

Before marriage and kids -- I never needed approval or permission to go out with friends, turn on a movie or play golf.

Now, I have no friends, only have time to watch movie trailers and  need to schedule golf 6 weeks in advance. Marriage will change you…Parenthood will change everything around you.

To put this in perspective--The year before I got married I played 87 rounds of golf…The following year (married) I played 35 rounds…and last year (w/ kid) I played 6. Trust me…you blink once and the world you knew is GONE!

Constantly asking myself: What is important? Is this a priority? Is there enough time? Do I even care? How tired am I?

You'll quickly determine what you value most in life and begin to filter through obligations and commitments to assess whether or not they're important. You'll find out 90% of the things you deemed "important" prior to marriage -- just aren't anymore. Nor do you have the energy to participate in them like you use to.

To ease the pain and lower the stress; I've accepted these terms and have come to the conclusion…Daddy will never play on the PGA Tour -- but, when Daddy gets "FREE" time…Daddy is making that turn for another 18 -- no questions asked…JUST DO :)

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