Diary #7 - That Magic "continuous" Moment

Diary #7 - That Magic "continuous" Moment


Dairy #7 - That Magic "continuous" Moment

Obviously, there's NO handbook or manual entering parenthood. You basically try and remember how you were raised, plus all the advice you receive along the way. But, the first question you'll ask yourself is…"How the F*** am I going to do this?"

Allow me to stop you right there…the best advice I ever got -- "Don't try and keep up with the Joneses".

All babies develop and learn at different times and speeds. As long as you're present and try to be a good parent -- you're kid will be fine.

Personally, I invested time into learning best practices and leveraged the apps: The WonderWeeks and Growth: Baby & Child Charts to better understand exercises I could do with my kid. Of course I felt silly…but, I had no clue what to do; or how to do it.

First comes "tummy-time"…then they'll graduate to keeping their head stable…shortly after, you're kid is rolling over…and then before you know it -- you're putting in gates, covering electric sockets and locking your cabinets.

If you pay attention…these milestones or "small achievements" happen daily. As you continuously teach and work on the necessary fundamentals with your kid -- they'll be better equipped for the next stages in Life.

There's no silver bullet or magic moment to your kids development.  There's no "light-bulb" that goes off and all of the sudden they get it…and start sprinting down the hall or doing long division in their head. Parenting takes time and consistency -- can't skip steps or cut corners.

News Flash -- Parenting is HARD…but the quicker you accept that -- and recognize your responsibilities for your child's well-being…the less worried you'll be and less stress you'll apply on them. If you instill the right virtues and values into your child's growth-- they'll become confident and courageous and surpass your wildest expectations.

 As they say…Success is not a destination…it's a journey! Take you're time…enjoy the small and big moments in their development. I've provided a chart that helps remind me how precious the Days with our children are…and how they aren't guaranteed.

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